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Geologic Art or "Geoism" is art inspired by the beauties of nature and geological processes taking place on the Earth. My art draws heavily on my 30 years as a geologist where my study of the earth has moved from the scientific to the artistic.

Geologic Colors Studio

Joeallen Gibson Artist Statement

Most of my working carrier was as a geologist with art continually playing an important role. A large part of my work involved developing graphic displays that describe the geologic context of a given project. I enjoyed the work and was thrilled when I had the opportunity to become a full time artist. 

Many of my paintings draw their inspiration from the natural world, specifically geology. The creation of my paintings starts with a series of study sketches. While developing the sketches I also design the textural framework. The studies are then transferred to canvas and the process of using multimedia material to sculpt the underlying texture takes place. I place a high value on using natural earthen material, often using a combination of earthen materials with acrylic products as the binders. Once the textural base has been established the process of applying color begins. I try and use native dyes when possible, along with the complete spectrum of commercially available acrylic products available, often no color at all is needed for many of the native textured compounds. Texture plays a big role in my work and I’m always seeking out new texturing materials and techniques.

My goal is to bring the beauty of the natural world to life by presenting views of the Earth from a new perspective. My goal is bringing the beauty and presenting views of the earth in ways that have never been seen before, the simple outline of a river becomes an impressionistic or an abstract work, but it is still simply the shape of a braided river. In this manner I present a simple river but with a view that changes it perspective.

I have traveled the world working as a geologist with a camera and sketch book in hand, providing a lot of inspirational topics. This marriage of geology and art is an evolving process just as geology is and I’m excited to see where it leads. My work in geology has moved from the scientific to the artistic.