Geology Art for Sale by Joeallen Gibson

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“Geoism” is a term that I use to describe the style of my work. My paintings have a wide range of textures created by sculpting earthen materials and using native dyes whenever possible. I also use a wide range of other media to express the textures needed to capture geologic concepts and the beauty of nature.

Here Fishy Fishy Mixed Medium on Canvas, 12"X 12", $945.00 US

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My model for “Here Fishy Fishy” was Aipichthys Velifer a three and a half inch long fish discovered as a fossil in a rock formation of Cretaceous age (65-146 million years ago). Believed to be a predator of smaller fish it swam in waterways that are now buried under the desert near Hjoula, Lebanon. We have no idea how specimens found in fossils were colored in the time they lived. All we know from fossils is there general shape and skeletal structure. I enjoy speculating regarding the missing information.