Geology Art for Sale by Joeallen Gibson

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Conglomerate 20"x16" Mixed Media          $895.00             

The painting Conglomerate is 24”x16” and is a multimedia representation of a relative rare geologic formation call a, you guessed it, a conglomerate. Conglomerates are one of the few deposition beds that are deposited for the most part above sea level or very near water, not necessarily the ocean, but could even be rivers or lakes. They occur much like a rock slide. The defining characteristic of a conglomerate is that they are very poorly sorted, meaning the fragment sizes within the formation range from sand grains to as  large as boulders. In all the years I worked in the field I saw two conglomerates. One here in Oklahoma in the Arbuckle Mountains, called the Collins Ranch Conglomerate, and one in northern Utah so small I never learned it’s name. All Rights Reserved - GCS, Copyright 2017 Joeallen Gibson Jr.