Geology Art for Sale by Joeallen Gibson

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“Geoism” is a term that I use to describe the style of my work. My paintings have a wide range of textures created by sculpting earthen materials and using native dyes whenever possible. I also use a wide range of other media to express the textures needed to capture geologic concepts and the beauty of nature.

Frac Job Acrylic on Canvas, 20" X 30", $1,495.00 US

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“Frac Job” is 20"X30" and is my interpretation of how oil and gas formations look after they have been stimulated by a process known as fracturing. When a rock formation is encountered that contains oil and gas sometimes a process known as fracturing is preformed to enhance the production ability of the formation to release the oil and gas. The slang term for this stimulation is called a "Frac Job" where the formation is fractured under tremendous pressure using a variety of fluids engineered for this purpose. We will never see exactly what the results of fracturing a formation looks like, but I like to guess. This has become a hot topic with all the "Frac Jobs" being performed in the horizontally drilled shale wells in the Northeastern US shale gas wells , with the associated concern of the fracturing impact on the up-hole water supply.
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