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Building Blocks
Mixed Media on Canvas, 60"X48", $4,950.00 US


Building Blocks is a 48” x 60” painting, done in the school of Suprematism, made famous in the late 1,800’s and early 1,900’s by a painter such as Kasimir Malevich, who started the the school of Suprematism which was the precursor to several modern painting movements, such as Cubism, Constructionism, Abstract art and several other schools of art that branched off. In fact the grandfather of abstract painting Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky was influenced by Malevich before he left Russia for Germany. Malevich wrote a manifesto regarding Suprematism and believed that true art could not be found in paintings that included objects that were encountered in everyday life. Because the viewer brought along with them their preconceived ideas regarding how such items should be presented and interpreted. Malevich thought that true art could only be experienced when the subject matter was composed of elements that forced the viewer to interpret the piece without any preconceived notions regarding the subject matter being presented.  With my painting “Building Blocks” I’ve tried to capture the energy and the movement associated with bqsic geomitic shapes.

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