The Gate - Abstract art for Sale by Joeallen Gibson

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The Gate Mixed Medium on Canvas, 6"X 6", $175.00 US

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The Gate is 6"X6" and was inspired when a group of my art friends were at the local coffee spot, we wearing our berets and looking oh so cool. The discussion turned to the near death or actual death and be brought back experiences that we have all heard about, come on, you know, the bright light and all. It got me to thinking, so I came back to the studio and tried to envision what I’d want my bright light I walk toward to look like. So there you have it “The Gate”, now please don’t think I’m being overly morbid here, if nothing else I find it uplifting. It reminds me that I only have an unknown and finite amount of time here on earth to accomplish all that I can. So here’s to not wasting a single moment of my life. No more reruns, procrastination or putting of that back pack trip to India. So no it’s not morbid, it’s life affirming.