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“Geoism” is a term that I use to describe the style of my work. My paintings have a wide range of textures created by sculpting earthen materials and using native dyes whenever possible. I also use a wide range of other media to express the textures needed to capture geologic concepts and the beauty of nature.

Nautulistoid II
Mixed Media on Canvas, 48" X 36", $7,995.00 US 

This 48"X36" multi-media representation of an Ammonite fossil was inspired by both my love for geology and physics. The Ammonite increasing outward spiral shape falls into a category called fractoids in mathematics. The shape of the Ammonite is loved by many. The title of the painting Nautalistoid is a combination of the word Nautilus, the ship that the fictional charter Captain Nemo piloted in "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" and the word fractoid. It is truly multi-media painting using sand, mica, glass, native pigments in some paints, crushed glass, several types of gels, sea shells and quite a few other different media to produce the final effect. It has not been varnished, on the chance that a patron might like to change the background color.

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