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“Geoism” is a term that I use to describe the style of my work. My paintings have a wide range of textures created by sculpting earthen materials and using native dyes whenever possible. I also use a wide range of other media to express the textures needed to capture geologic concepts and the beauty of nature.

At Fault Acrylic on Canvas, 20" X 30", $695.00 US Sold.

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This work "At Fault” is a simple example of "geologic art", here faulting is the topic, when rock formations fault or separate from each other it can occur in a number of different ways, depending on the direction one block or rock moves in relation to the other. This painting demonstrates a normal fault, where one section of the formation has slide downward, relative to the other. The higher section is called the hanging wall, most normal faults planes are at high angels and are representative of extensional tectonics. Where rocks are pulling away from each other, if you were in a compressional tectonic system the opposite would happen, where one block of rock would be pushed upward with respect to the other, compressional tectonics usually happens in areas where mountains are being formed.